High School Info for 8th Grade Families

Hello 8th grade parents! I wanted to take a minute to re- introduce myself and explain an additional role I have here at ANCS. In addition to being the counselor I am also the high school transition coordinator.

You will hear from me a few times this fall and then more during the spring about high school related activities. I send emails about open house dates and information sessions for private schools and charter schools that offer them. I coordinate with APS high schools to assist students in filling out class request forms in the spring and if you apply to a private school, I am the school contact that coordinates the recommendations and other necessary documents.

A little bit about high school options for your students:

  1. You may attend your zoned public high school – this is based on your address where you live – ANCS does NOT have a feeder high school.
  2. You may apply to private school – those visits and applications usually begin in the fall and are due in January. They require recommendations from teachers, counselor or principal as well as transcripts. Maria McFeeley is the contact for transcript requests. The information I send out this fall will primarily be about private schools because of their earlier timelines.
  3. You may apply to a charter high school. Currently the charter high school options in Atlanta are: Atlanta Classical, Drew High School, and Kipp Collegiate
  4. You may apply for an administrative transfer to another public high school other than the one you are zoned for. This process takes place in the spring (March and April) and spots are awarded via lottery.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have about high school!

* A high school fair will be offered for ANCS students and parents- stay tuned for more information including virtual or in person!

Kristin Lee
Middle Campus Counselor & High School Transition Coordinator