MC Principal Letter

Hello MC families,

We’ve just completed what has been a very difficult week for our school family. Our teachers and staff continue to look out for and care for our students, and our students continue to support each other. Additionally, the support that you all have shown as a community has been tremendous. Thank you for all of the well wishes and positive emails. We have also received support from local schools – King sent flowers, Wesley bought us lunch, and I also received an email from Kindezi wishing us well. Paideia and The Museum School are other schools who have also reached out. 

We are keeping our eyes on students at school, however if your child is struggling and they let you know, please reach out to us so that we can work with you to provide support. The school/home partnership is extremely important and we are here to continue to work with you in support of our students. Please also continue to read the Courier for information related to resources to support students and families. I know that this Courier also has information about various grief and counseling supports in its other sections.

Switching gears, eighth grade completed their Milestones testing this week. Congratulations 8th grade! Our 8th graders will be heading to Savannah for their year-end trip on Tuesday, May 14th and coming back on the afternoon of Friday the 17th. I attended the Savannah trip last year – I learned a lot visiting various historical sites and museums, and we also had a great time with the various social elements in between. I am eager for this group of students to have this experience. 

Regarding 7th grade and Milestones, they completed the Math portion today and their ELA test was moved to Monday through Wednesday of next week. As a reminder, please encourage your students to get proper rest, eat well, and get to school on time during Milestones so that they can put their best foot forward. 

Initially it looked like the change in the Milestones schedule would impact 6th and 7th grade Exhibitions, but we were able to keep that schedule intact. So if you have already scheduled your Exhibitions that timing will not change. Your students’ Advisors have been reaching out regarding setting up Exhibitions so please take a look for those emails. Sixth and seventh grade students have been given lots of time in school (multiple hours over the last few weeks), guidance from their Advisors, and various tools (e.g. graphic organizers, opportunities to do practice runs, opportunities to go to Office Hours, etc.) to help them prepare for their Exhibitions. We look forward to seeing what our students put together for next week. However, it’s also important to note that sometimes students don’t put forth their best effort, and that is another opportunity to learn. Part of building the capacity for students to rise to the occasion is sometimes allowing them to fall flat if they didn’t bring their best effort – otherwise they will never know how to bounce back. Resiliency is a big skill that children must learn and struggles are great learning opportunities.

As a reminder, our AP for next year Dr. Nikia Showers will be visiting with us on Monday, May 13th. She will meet with staff, attend Morning Meeting and be introduced to the kids, and then she will hang around to spend time with any parents who would like to meet her. Morning Meeting generally goes from 8:30-9:00am in the gym on Mondays. Dr. Showers will stick around after Morning Meeting for about 45 minutes afterwards. We hope to see many of you for Morning Meeting that day. If not, do not worry, there will be many other opportunities for you to meet Dr. Showers once we get into next school year. 

Finally, Happy Mother’s Day everyone! As always if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,