Reconnected Kids Summit – FREE

Do your kids own their digital devices OR do their devices OWN them? Cell phones. Social media. Video games. Notifications. Tablets. Wearables. There’s just no escaping it: technology is woven into our lives. And with it comes a growing list of challenges for kids and parents: addiction, negative body image and self-esteem, cyber bullying, inappropriate internet content, online predators… the list goes on, and it changes without warning. Parents, teachers, and professionals alike are overwhelmed. But our team of summit experts are here to offer clarity.

Do your kids or teens:

  • Struggle to unplug from their devices?
  • Use screens to dodge boredom or social awkwardness?
  • Feel anxious or withdrawn after too much screen time?
  • Get grumpy when they’re off screens, itching for more?
  • Feel bummed by social comparison or FOMO?
  • Struggle with body image exacerbated by social media?
  • Lose sleep because of constant notifications?
  • Have a hard time switching from gaming to anything?

End screentime battles and boost digital resilience at the: (Re)Connected Kids Summit.

Learn from 20 Global Experts for Free

Online & Free May 10th-12th, 2023