Therapy Dogs Are Coming to the Middle School!

This year the middle campus is partnering with Happy Tails, a volunteer dog therapy organization, for monthly visits with specially trained dogs and their owners.  

According to a research article by Christine Grove,  “Therapy dogs in schools are a great way to bring joy and happiness into the lives of students while helping them build relationships with those around them, which leads to better mental health overall. It’s clear that therapy dogs can have a significant impact on students’ lives, both on their mental and emotional health and also on their academic success.”

A 2019 National Institute of Health study showed that the presence of a dog in a classroom can help promote a positive mood.  The study also recorded the notable anti-stress effects on the body of students.

While we are still working on specific details, the hope is that students visit with the dogs one grade level at a time, one grade level a month, starting with 8th graders.  

Participation is completely voluntary as we know not all people like dogs and some may have fear and/or allergies.  The dogs would be in a location where students who do not want to interact will not encounter them.  

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Additionally, please let Kristin Lee know (, 470-597-2297) if you do NOT want your child to have the option to participate.