Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Hello Wolfpack!

Code: green

Sierra and Leila, 3rd grade, led us in The Pledge.

The Final Countdown: Thanks John for wearing the 1/2 day shirt!

Perfect Attendance: Ms Zelski named and congratulated the students who had perfect attendance this year.

5th Grade Movie: We laughed and maybe shed some tears whilst watching the 5th grade movie.

Running Awards: Coach Hall recognized the top 5 girls and top 5 boys in each grade who ran the most laps this year and welcomed 5th graders Braylon, Liam, Fisher, Xander, Audrey, Tomas, and Jordan; 4th graders Rybolt, Harrison, Alexander, Noah A, and Dylan to the 150 Mile Club! AND…. this year, for the very first time in ANCS history, we have a 200 mile club! Congratulations to 5th graders Yosef, Kai, and Cameron for running over 200 miles!

Mindful Moment: We took 3 deep breaths and remembered, I can calm!

Happy Summer, we wish you well!