Monday, November 12th, 2018

Hello Wolf Pack!

Code: green

Outlook: rain, lots of it

Pledge: Declan

Chant: Ms Zelski

Diversity & Equity: All are welcome to join the Diversity & Equity action team meeting tomorrow at 6.30pm to learn more about our work focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. This session will provide background of the work that has been underway, an overview of the team’s priorities, and seek to recruit new members for team task forces dedicated to advancing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion within the ANCS community. Childcare is available, sign up here.

Little Free Pantry:  Ms Traina and Ms Alsher’s 5th grade class encouraged the ANCS community to bring in canned items and toiletries to donate to the Little Free Pantry, located outside near the media center.

Song of the Week: Ms Kent and Mr Hussain’s class are singing This is Me from The Greatest Showman.

Mindful Moment: This week, we are focusing on what we can do in order to help keep us safe.

A quick survey before you go: if you are reading this blog, please shoot me a quick email and let me know. Thank you.

We wish you well.