Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Hello Wolfpack!

Code: green

Lotus, 1st grade, led us in The Pledge.
There are plenty of spots available to lead the pledge, Ms Zelski encouraged students to sign up.

Lost & Found: Please check our overflowing lost and found racks in the cafeteria. Items will be donated soon.

Song of the Week: Ms Cruz and Ms Araim’s 3rd graders are singing Help! by The Beatles this week.

Mindful Monday: Ms Zelski shared a quote about connections with us:  “Connections on the outside literally create connections on the inside. It’s critical for us to understand that connections with others on the outside actually do create neural connections inside our brains that shape how we see life and react or respond to it.” This week, during our mindful moment, let’s ask ourselves if we are having positive connections with others and think of ways that we can. Positive connections make us feel happier, safer, and give us a better sense of well being.

We wish you well.