Celebrating Black History Month in Our School Family

As the school community continues to celebrate Black History Month, I wanted to take the opportunity to show my appreciation for how Black Excellence, Black History, and Black Joy is taught at our school. Over my years I’ve loved seeing Adam, my 12-year-old, come home and share what he’s learned about Black History. He would share stories about people like Garrett Morgan, who patented a version of the modern three-way traffic light, and learnings about and appreciating the music of Bill Withers.

Over the years the PTCA has participated in Black History Month by supporting efforts in the school through partnerships with the Diversity Equity and Action and Team (DEAT) and through our grants program. We have also hosted events like Cooking with Chef Bradley for Black History Month in 2021. I look forward to the PTCA continuing to partner with the school and our community to celebrate Black History.

I hope that you and your family have been able to take the time to celebrate this month. If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate Black History this month (and all year), I have some suggestions for you. Visit the school’s Equity page to learn more about initiatives at the school and resources for your family. Check out this list of activities and organizations put together by Atlanta Parent for Black History Month. Plan on visiting and supporting Black owned businesses in Atlanta, many located close to our neighborhoods.

The PTCA is also open to suggestions and ways that can better support our community. We hope that you’ll connect with us. I can be reached at ptcapresident@atlncs.org .

All the best,

Rachel Ezzo