Proposed Slate, Budget, and Bylaw Revisions for 21-22

The PTCA is excited to present the proposed slate of officers for next school year.

  • President: Rachel Ezzo
  • VP Middle Campus: Toshia Meadows 

  • VP Elementary Campus: Jim Paisley

  • Secretary: Jenny Gunn
  • Treasurer: Liz Black
  • Communications: Gracie Gummere

  • Memberships: Meeghan Fortson

  • Member-At-Large: Joel Larsgaard 

  • Member-At-Large: Colleen Rickel

  • EC Faculty Liaison: Kelly Dennis
  • MC Faculty Liaison: Maria McFeeley

PTCA FY22 Proposed Budget

Proposed bylaw revisions:

  • At-large positions cannot be filled if there are vacant officer positions.
  • Remove PTCA newsletter
    Remove back-to-school lunch and holiday appreciation program from Teacher Appreciation Committee (both are handled by the PTCA Executive Committee)
  • Adjust PTCA fiscal year to match school’s fiscal year
  • Members at-large are permitted to chair committees and/or events.

A vote will be taken virtually to approve the slate, budget, and bylaw revisions.