ANCS Yearbook Coming Soon

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the Yearbook Club members for their hard work in creating a fantastic yearbook filled with memories from the school year. Sorting through thousands of photos and designing over 100 pages was no small task. Special thanks to Kelley Klein and Erin Brauer for the school portraits and school-wide photos.

With over 30 cover submissions, the selection process was no small feat, requiring two rounds of voting to choose the exceptional cover design by Allie Murphy. We must also recognize Tilden Joffe, whose design was a close second and deserves an honorable mention. The Yearbook Club cannot wait for you to see the books arriving at the school very soon!

Forgot to order a yearbook? No problem. You can still do that here.

2023-2024 Yearbook Club

Abby Cobb
Sadie Helms
Mikayla Johnson
Ivy King
Cora Lupo
Allie Murphy
Rebecca Reedick
Henry Roberts
Lex Roberts
Willa Thomason
Lola Torrey
Storey Watson
Petra Zyskowski