Annie Jr. – Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended our spring musical, Annie Jr! Musicals don’t just happen. They are the result of hours of work on stage and behind the scenes. We would like to extend a thank you to all the people who worked on so many projects related to this show including:

  • The hard work of the production team, Alina Hinton, Toccara Davenport, Nathan Bubes, Ed Santos, Ja’Siah C. Young, and Christina Jones. Your partnership and hard work have not gone unappreciated or unnoticed.
  • The student directors, Tatum Barnes, Eli Baker, Sophie Finnegan, and Marie Humphrey. It’s been amazing to see you all grow and work together to support the show and this cast.
  • Jayson Waddell from Alliance Theater for his flexibility and support to make sure our students look amazing on stage.
  • Jim Kessenich for his support of this production and to make sure we have infrastructure for this and future shows.
  • Mike Boardman for helping to teach us about sound boards and microphones.
  • Ashlyn Kress and Caroline Dieter for their hours of work to make sure costumes and props are found, organized and ready.
  • The PTCA for a grant for technical elements.
  • Rebecca Fuller for her support as PTCA Related Arts Chair.
  • Chuck Meadows, Paige Teusink, and Mark Sanders for helping me see things I don’t think about.
  • Paige Teusink for the amazing show posters and programs.
  • The faculty of the Elementary Campus for their partnership and flexibility as we have needed the space for rehearsals and installations.
  • The parent-volunteers who are here for each performance hours before and after the show to make sure our cast, crew, and physical space are in order.
  • The parents of the cast and crew for the last minute schedule changes, carpools, food for rehearsals, snacks, costumes, and listening to your students for hours as they rehearse, sing and dance to prepare, words of encouragement, and emotional support of your students for this show.
  • The students and families of ANCS who are here to watch and support the show. Your attendance and support ensures our cast and crew have an amazing experience.
  • George Rice who, for 5 months, has been listening to me talk about this show, vent frustrations about the show, sing songs from the show, cancel plans because of the show, leave home early on the weekends because of the show, stay late because of the show and supporting me at home everyday by making sure I have a lunch packed and a smoothie and coffee to drink for breakfast.

Jacob Dewey
Performing Arts Teacher & Annie Jr. Director