Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Elementary Campus

Arrival is from 7:30-8:00 each morning. You will drop off your child in front of the school on Grant Street where Ms. Zelski or Ms. King will open car doors and they will enter through the front doors. Please do not pull in front of the line or try to enter the line from Bass Street. For safety reasons, do not drop children off on Pavillion Street. If you choose to walk with your child up to the school building, please do not park in the car rider line or in front of the school building. You can find street parking around the building, but please be careful to not block our neighbor’s driveways. If you are riding a bike to school with your child, please do not block sidewalks. Instead, pull up to the front yard, and please walk your bike once you are in front of the building. 

Beginning the second week of school, students will go to the auditorium for Morning Meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. There is no morning meetings on Wednesdays due to early dismissal Wednesdays, so students will go directly to their classrooms. Students must be present before the principal enters the auditorium to initiate the Morning Meeting, as any late arrivals will be marked as tardy. Students can eat breakfast in the cafeteria before the official start of the school day. 

Dismissal is from 2:40-2:55 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. It is from 1:30-1:45 on Wednesdays. Independent walkers, those who have been granted permission to walk home without an adult, will be the first to be released. Older students will be dismissed first, ensuring they have ample time to meet younger siblings on the front lawn if needed. If you plan on walking to pick up your student at the front of the school, it is important to know their dismissal number. This number helps our staff identify and locate the correct student efficiently. For safety reasons, we will not dismiss students to anybody without the correct dismissal number.

For car riders, we ask that you enter the carpool line by turning onto Grant Street from Augusta Ave. or Atlanta Ave. Please refrain from attempting to enter from Bass St. or Pavillion St. While waiting to drop off or pick up your child, it is crucial to pay attention and avoid blocking neighbors’ driveways. Please display your dismissal number on your rearview mirror or in the upper right-hand passenger side of your front window. If you need to write the number, please use bold, dark ink to print large numbers, ensuring clarity for our staff members.

We kindly request that all elementary students are picked up no later than 2:55pm. (1:45 pm on Wednesdays). If your child is not picked up by this time, they will be checked in to the ANCS AfterCare program, and you will be charged for the day.

Middle Campus

While many Middle Campus students prefer to walk to and from school, we do offer a morning drop-off and afternoon pickup car rider line on Essie Ave. Student arrival begins at 8:00 am and students can arrive any time between 8:00 and 8:30 am. The building will not be open to students who are arriving before 8:00 am. Students who arrive prior to 8:00 am will often wait outside for a few minutes before we open our doors.

Whereas the last few years we have had students entering the building through different entrances, this year we are going to have everyone enter through the entrance by the gym. This will help with congestion on the street caused by cars attempting to temporarily park on different parts of the street within a small area. Upon arrival, students can go out to the recess field or they can eat breakfast in the cafeteria before the official start of the school day. 

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays students will be dismissed at 3:10pm. This is a change from 3:00pm the last couple of years. On Wednesdays students will be dismissed at 2:00pm. Students will be dismissed to the front lawn of the school, where it is their responsibility to locate their designated caregiver’s vehicle. During drop-off and pickup times, we kindly request that you pay attention and avoid blocking neighbors’ driveways. This helps maintain a respectful and smooth flow of traffic for everyone in the community.

It is essential that all middle campus students are picked up by 3:25pm. (2:15pm on Wednesdays). Any student not picked up by this time will be checked into the ANCS AfterCare program, and you will be charged for the day.