Compost at Home to Benefit Our School Farm

If you use CompostNow for home composting services, you have the option to share your earned compost with one of the local farms and gardens listed on their Garden Partners page for no additional cost. If you love cashing in and utilizing your finished compost, by all means, keep feeding the Earth that rich material! But if you’re like many families and don’t have an outlet for the finished compost that your collected food waste creates, please consider selecting one of the Neighborhood Charter school farm sites as the recipient of your earned compost. You can click here to find our school listing–we’re under F for Fulton County, as they group school garden/farm sites by the county–and follow the associated link for adding your finished compost to our supply. Then when we schedule a delivery, you can take pride in knowing that your efforts to capture and recycle the nutrients in food waste at home are going a long way towards growing delicious, nutrient-dense food in our school cafeterias. Thanks in advance for helping us close the loop and lighten the environmental toll of food waste in our community!

Don’t compost but interested in learning more? Visit the CompostNow website.

How Does CompostNow Work?