COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

As previously mentioned, we will be providing weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing on Friday mornings at both campuses for students and faculty/staff during the school day with parent/caregivers’ consent. Students will be tested with a simple painless swab at the tip of the end of the nose. Fifteen minutes later, we will know the results and can act accordingly. Testing will begin this Friday, August 6th. You can sign-up for testing at any time. If you have not already returned a consent form, a link to a virtual form is included below: 

Link to Consent Form

Through surveillance testing, asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals can be identified and immediately isolated thereby mitigating the spread of COVID-19. In order to successfully identify these individuals, we will need to test approximately 50% of the population weekly. The more people that participate in the testing program, the greater the mitigation effect. The purpose of this program is to augment—not replace—other mitigation efforts such as social distancing, hand hygiene, adequate ventilation, and masking.

Faculty/staff will be required to participate in weekly surveillance testing regardless of vaccination status.

What happens if my child tests positive?
Students will be given a rapid COVID test. Anyone with a positive result is presumed positive and will be contacted by the School Nurse. We will contact parents/caregivers to notify them of the test result. You will be advised to quarantine and immediately contact their doctor or a state testing center to schedule a PCR test to confirm the results. Students/staff will be excluded from coming to school during the quarantine period unless the PCR test provides a negative result. It is extremely important for our screening participants to know that receiving a presumed positive result is not cause for panic. Please consult with your primary physician/pediatrician and they can best instruct you on the next steps. Students/staff who receive a negative test will not receive any notification.

APS 2021–2022 Quarantine Guidance

Contact the appropriate school nurse with questions: