Fall Fest Wrap Up

We hope that everyone had a fantastic time at our annual Fall Festival this past Saturday. We want to extend an extra special thanks to the co-chairs of the event, Christina Washington and Joni Harris. We appreciate all your hard work and the countless hours you put into organizing this wonderful community celebration.

We’d also like to thank the volunteers who generously offered their time during the event: Belen Paez, Emily Padgett, Alyssa Hallick, Kerri Oransky, Jennifer Washington, Shannon Sandusky, Andrea Merrill-Smidt, Caroline Mason, Brittany Monnier, Sonja McElveen, Nicole Murphy, Kelley Gray, Tanese Abrams, Sarah Cloud, Jean & Khloe Casseus, Dan Fontaine. We’re also immensely grateful to the numerous parents who lent a hand before, during, and after the festivities.

A special thanks goes out to Adam Jackson, a kindergarten parent, for his generous contribution of delicious hot dogs and sandwiches from his catering truck, Adam J’s. Your kindness was truly appreciated!

Lastly, thanks to the ANCS staff members for their support throughout the event: Cassie Leymarie, Alastair Pullen, Dave Keevers, and Paige Teusink.