From the Nutrition Team: Signing Up for Meals

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year at ANCS! We’re excited to resume school in person and reconnect with our school community. We prepare the meals we serve to our school from scratch whenever possible, and we source many of our ingredients from local sources. We seek to provide eclectic menus with some familiar favorites and others inspired by the season or other cultures and cuisines.

Here is some important logistical information for parents and guardians (and students) about breakfast and lunch at ANCS this year.

  • All meals for students are FREE for this school year, regardless of household income level, size, or socioeconomic status.
  • Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria before school starts at each campus. This is from 7:30 to 7:50 AM at the Elementary Campus and from 8:00 to 8:20 AM at the Middle Campus. Students will have a choice of many items, including cereal, homemade granola, fresh fruit, juice, milk, hard boiled eggs, breakfast bars, and sometimes there will be hot items, too. These may include oatmeal, grits, muffins, and more. Under federal guidelines, students must have at least three items, one of which must be fruit or juice.  
  • Lunch will be served in compostable containers and will be consumed in the classroom or on campus outdoors. It will be up to classroom teachers to decide where their class will consume lunch on any given day.
  • We ask that parents complete a pre-order form weekly for school lunch. This helps us in many ways:
    • Our kitchen is at the Middle Campus, so knowing how much food we’ll need to prepare overall, and how much to take to the Elementary Campus, helps us in preparation and ordering.
    • We have many students with special dietary needs, restrictions, and/or allergies. Having a student’s specific needs recorded with their order helps keep our students healthy and safe.
    • Students have a limited amount of time to eat their meals, and distributing all of a grade level’s meals at one time (rather than adding on orders here and there) gives all of our students more time to enjoy their meals.
    • Completing a pre-order for your student saves time for their classroom teachers each day that they can use for instruction and connection.
    • An accurate pre-order greatly helps our program file for federal reimbursement, which is what allows both the meals to be free for our families and for us to provide the level of quality we strive for.
    • The pre-order form will be included in the Courier (email newsletter) each week on Wednesday, and will close on Thursday at noon for the following week.
    • If you miss the preorder, we will still feed your child. Each day, their teachers will check with your students and add their name to our list if they need a meal.  
    • The order form for next week’s meals will be open this evening. The deadline to submit a pre-order is Monday, August 2nd at noon. Access the form here.
  • The lunch menu is posted monthly on the ANCS Nutrition website. Link to August lunch menu here.
    • All lunches come with fresh fruit and milk (1% non-flavored).
    • We also offer nonfat Lactaid milk and Organic Chocolate Soymilk for students who may not drink milk. Please indicate this on the pre-order if you’d like one of these options for your student, or if you would like no milk served for your student.

Please reach out to Chef Bradley at with any questions you may have.