Georgia Milestones Results (Spring 2021)

Results will be going home soon for students who took the Georgia Milestones statewide standardized assessments last school year. We have begun analyzing test scores which, as you know, only give us a partial view of student achievement even in a normal year. Last year’s testing period occurred during hybrid learning, and will be taken in the appropriate context.

Our students’ performance placed us among the top tiers for both elementary and middle schools across the district. Only one school had a higher percentage of distinguished 8th grade learners in English/Language Arts, for example. And the share of 5th grade students who reached the distinguished learner level in math ranked us 8th among 56 reporting schools. We have also identified some areas that warrant further inquiry, such as a high number of students in the beginning learner category in 3rd, 6th and 8th grade math. We will continue to study these results and include them among the host of student data points we routinely collect.