Jan 7th – Reopening Update

Welcome to the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year, and what’s already proving to be an exciting new calendar year. We are continuing to install equipment, purchase supplies and reconfigure classrooms in the interest of health and safety.

We have adopted a cohort hybrid model, but at its foundation is choice. We will continue to extend the option of virtual learning with the same attention to high academic quality, and we will offer the safest, best possible in-person learning experience we can for those who choose to return to our buildings.

On the HOWL website under “Faculty Options”, you’ll see which teachers have opted to teach in-person and which ones will remain remote for now. Students will remain with the same teachers – in classrooms with remote teachers, students will be supervised by a qualified member of our hybrid support team who will be physically present in the classroom with them as their teacher streams in live.

If you have chosen in-person learning for your students and would like to change that decision, please indicate that change by filling out the form at this link. Please submit this form even if you have already sent a separate email to administration or teachers.


Check this week’s Courier to view the school-wide cohort rosters