Keeping Up With It All: School News & Information

Keeping up with vital information during the school year can be demanding. Therefore, we strive to simplify communication for parents, caregivers, faculty, and staff. Here are some essential tools to ensure you stay informed and up-to-date with the latest news.

The Courier 

  • Every Wednesday the Courier is emailed to current families, faculty/staff, & board members. The Courier contains letters from our school family, important announcements, and community news. Weekly Couriers can also be viewed on the Courier Archives page. Check the August 23rd Courier for the password.

Classroom Communications 

  • Weekly/biweekly announcements and updates from elementary campus teachers are consolidated onto a password-protected page for each class. Your classroom teachers will provide the password for your student’s class page. Click here for access to K-5 Class Pages.
  • ManageBac is the central communication platform for grades 6th-8th. In ManageBac you can find weekly messages from teachers, information about the current units of study, a calendar of upcoming assessments, and achievement levels for your child once assessments are scored and entered by the teachers. 

School News Page

  • If you missed the Courier or are looking for a specific topic, there is a wealth of information on this page.

Online School Calendar 

  • The online calendar is where you will find the most up-to-date information regarding school events.

The Neighborhood Charter App

  • A central hub for up-to-date information and tools for parents & caregivers accessible from your mobile device. Search for “Atlanta Neighborhood Charter” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

School Family Facebook Group 

  • An online community for current parents/caregivers, staff/faculty members, and Governing Board members. While used as a supplemental means of providing access to certain information, this group is not intended to replace direct communication with administration, faculty, and staff. The best way to get a timely and accurate response is to contact the appropriate school official. All school employees and their email addresses can be found here