Matilda Jr. Cast & Company

It takes a lot of courage to audition. We had 70 students audition, and 37 were cast, about half from the MC and half from the EC. There are a variety of factors that go into the cast list: skill level, availability to attend rehearsals, prior experience, the student’s ability to concentrate, maintain composure, and endure during the dance workshop audition, and preparation for callbacks. If someone was not cast, it does not mean they are not talented; it just means this year isn’t their year.

The cast & company list can be viewed here.

If your student did not make the cast this year, ANCS is partnering again with Alliance Theater for an aftercare program at the EC next term (details coming soon) and for week-long camps at the MC summer 2024. These are great opportunities for students to build their skills, work through stage fright, hone audition skills, and stay immersed in theater and drama. I have included information about a free Alliance Workshop for kids on December 16th here: Alliance Free Workshops on December 16.

Most importantly, students should not stop doing what they love. Learning to preserve through feelings is what makes great artists. We will be performing a play at the Black Box at the MC in Fall 2024 and another musical on the EC Mainstage in Spring 2025. Each year brings different casts, new opportunities, and different people auditioning.

Thank you for all you do for your students and for your support for ANCS Drama.

Jacob Dewey