Matilda Jr. Cast List Announcement

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. It takes a lot of work just to audition, and we have so many talented people in our school! We were thrilled to have an impressive turnout of 70 students audition. Creating a cast is much like drafting a sports team: there are many capable people, but we aren’t able to accommodate everyone. The directors looked at a variety of factors: skill level, availability to attend rehearsals, prior experience, and the student’s ability to concentrate and endure during the dance workshop rehearsal. The final cast will be between 30-35 people. Unfortunately, that means many people will not be cast. Not making the cast doesn’t mean that a student isn’t talented; it just means that this isn’t their year.

The cast list will first be emailed to parents of students who auditioned. Please look out for an email from Mr. Dewey Sunday (no later than Sunday afternoon) with the cast list and next steps. We are doing this to give students a chance to work through feelings of excitement and disappointment before coming to school on Monday.

The final cast list will be posted at school Monday morning at both campuses with postings outside the performing arts room at the MC, the ANCS Drama board (MC), and on the EC auditorium doors. There will be two lists: a Cast list and a Company (chorus/ensemble) list. Everyone on each list is in the show. Students on the Cast list (not the Company list), must collect their scripts from Mr. Dewey’s room before the break by 12:30pm on Friday 12/15. (Company members do not need a script.) The first rehearsal will be January 4th from 330pm-5pm for everyone in the show (Cast and Company). Everyone in the show will be required to attend.

For students who did not make the cast, ANCS is partnering again with the Alliance Theater to offer opportunities for students to develop their skills. We saw many students grow from their work with Alliance last year. We will be hosting Alliance Camps at the MC this summer again, and we will have the Alliance aftercare program at the EC next term. Both are wonderful opportunities to develop students skills, help them work through stage fright, and improve their auditioning skills. Most importantly, students should not stop doing what they love! Just because this year isn’t their year, next year brings a new show, different people auditioning, and new opportunities. We will be doing a Middle Campus Fall play again in 2024, and a musical for both campuses in Spring 2025.

Thank you to all the families for the support of their children and for the arts and ANCS.