New Greenhouse/Shed at EC Farm

Happy New Year, school farmily! You may be wondering about the construction project taking place on the elementary campus farm, and we’re excited to share with you what is going on out there. While we’ve made good use of the simple greenhouse structure that was erected when the school farm was installed in the summer of 2021, it became clear this fall that it was no match for squirrels that were hungry and stressed. They easily chewed through the heavy duty plastic walls and helped themselves to thousands of seedlings growing inside. Since we’re really making an effort to work with students to save seeds and to grow out as many of our own seedlings as possible, having a secure greenhouse with plenty of room for students to work safely seemed paramount. We’ll be growing seedlings for both campus farms in the EC greenhouse. The structure abutting the greenhouse will be an enclosed storage space with a sliding barn door for tools, equipment, mulch, and farm materials, and includes an extended roofline to cover the compost corrals. Once construction is complete and we’re all moved in (the estimated timeline is next week!) students will begin sowing seeds for spring crops.