Parent Book Study

Join us as we dive into a book study of the book, “When Parents Hurt.” This text is a unique book helping parents whose relationship with their adolescent child has not turned out as they expected deal with their feelings and take steps toward healing.

Through case examples and healing exercises, Dr. Coleman helps parents:

  • Reduce feelings of anger, guilt, and shame
  • Learn how temperament, the teen years, their own or a partner’s mistakes, and divorce can harm the parent-child bond
  • Come to terms with their imperfections and their child’s
  • Develop strategies for reaching out and for maintaining their self-esteem through trying times
  • Understand how society’s expectations contribute to the risk of parental wounds.

By helping parents recognize what they can do and let go of what they cannot, Dr. Coleman helps families develop more positive ways of relating to themselves and each other.

You can sign up for one of the 15 slots by emailing Dr. Woody-Wideman at Use the subject line, “I’m in!”