Planning for a Return to School

Dear School Family – 

I hope you’re already enjoying a great weekend. Here are two important updates for your consideration: 

Planning for a return to school
Today I participated in a video-conference with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) Superintendent Lisa Herring. During that call, and in subsequent communications, APS indicated their plans to bring “certain students back for face-to-face instruction by Monday, October 26”. This opens the door for Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School to also consider how and if we should bring students back in or near the same timeframe. Our leadership team has already begun discussing options, and we wanted you to be aware a few very important points:

  • Any return to the classrooms during the current semester will be optional for both students and teachers. 
  • Our youngest and most vulnerable learners will be given the earliest priority for optional in-person instruction.
  • We will aim to shift to our hybrid plan (a K-8 blend of virtual and in-person learning) in January if appropriate/feasible. That plan is outlined at the end of this message for your reference. 

We will, of course, be working to ready our buildings with fixtures, equipment and signage meant to keep students and teachers as safe and healthy as possible. We look forward to considering your input and feedback as we continue to navigate this unique and multi-faceted planning process. 

For your reference: An overview of the hybrid learning plan
Working with public health experts, faculty members, parents and our governing board, we developed a plan to maximize in-person learning while reducing the number of students in the building to provide a safely distanced environment:

  • All parents/caregivers would have the option of 100% virtual learning for their students
  • Parents/caregivers of students in academically critical categories would have the option of daily, in-person classroom instruction:
    • Kindergarten and first grade students
    • Students with an Individualized Education Plan
    • Students who speak English as a second language
    • Students with a 504 plan
    • Students from economically disadvantaged families
  • The remaining students would be divided into two cohorts that would alternate between in-person and virtual learning in two-week intervals
  • Siblings would be placed in the same cohort
  • The two-week interval is seen as beneficial in gaining sufficient academic momentum and also for managing/containing a potential outbreak within a cohort 

Thank you for your continued dedication, support and perseverance. As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. 


Chuck Meadows
Executive Director