Re-Opening Follow-Up


  • Timeline
  • Daily start/end times for both campuses
  • Info about updated/corrected faculty options list
  • Form to change your selection from in-person to virtual
  • Update on 2021-2022 calendar
  • How to access link to cohort rosters
  • Link to form to submit your cohort name nominations

Reopening Timeline

  • Week of January 5-8
    • Kindergarten/first grade meet & greets
    • Cohort information released to parents
  • Week of January 11
    • In-person supplemental instruction begins for high-needs students
    • Hybrid support staff screening/interviews
    • MAP window opens (through January 22)
  • January 28 & 29
    • Faculty & staff planning days (asynchronous learning)
  • February 1
    • Cohort 1 returns to the classrooms for their first in-person week
  • February 8
    • Cohort 2 returns to the classrooms for their first in-person week
  • Week of February 15
    • Mid-winter break
    • Adjustments to classrooms, protocols and staffing assignments made based on the experience gained in the first two weeks of in-person learning
  • February 22
    • Cohort rotation resumes with Cohort 1 in-person
  • March 8
    • The first date a student who initially chooses 100% virtual learning can enter the cohort hybrid rotation

Hybrid Learning Daily Schedules

Elementary Campus: 9:00am – 2:30pm
Middle Campus: 9:30am – 3:00pm
All Wednesdays are virtual for all learners

Faculty Options:
Remote or In-person Teaching

Note: a number of teachers were left off the list published yesterday. From now on you can always access the most up-to-date list on the HOWL website under “Faculty Options”.

If you have chosen in-person learning for your students and would like to change that decision, please indicate that change by filling out the form at this link. Please submit this form even if you have already sent a separate email to administration or teachers. Please complete this process by January 15th so that we can plan appropriately.

Check this week’s Courier for the link to view the school-wide cohort rosters.

2021-2022 School Calendar

Due to the complications and irregularities caused by the pandemic, we are delaying the adoption of the calendar for the 2021-2022 school year. Our bylaws require the Governing Board to adopt the calendar by March, and we will adhere to that requirement.

Name that cohort!

Here’s your last chance to nominate a name for the two cohorts. The top nominations will be entered into a vote tournament, and the top two vote-winners will be etched in ANCS history! Use this form to submit your ideas for names for one or both of the cohorts.