School Photo Order Deadline

The local printer that we’ve used for years is no longer providing the bulk prints we need, so we have been ordering from our favorite west coast lab. Because of this, we will be shortening the length of time that orders can be placed with delivery to the school. They ship to us fairly quickly, but with the holiday season coming up the shipping times will get longer.

This year, the final day to order school photos will be Friday, November 18th for free delivery to the school. This should allow time for everyone’s prints to arrive before the winter break. You will still be able to order from the gallery after 11/18, however the prints will be delivered to your home and you will be responsible for the lab’s shipping fee.

To view and order photos from the 2022-23 school year, go to Check the September 21st Courier for the gallery password. Please do not share login information with students.

Questions? Reach out to Kelley Klein at or Erin Brauer at