Planning Ahead for an Exciting School Year!

Although there are still 2.5 months remaining in the current school year, planning for next school year has begun! We’re seeking volunteers to contribute to the success of PTCA’s signature events: Kickball Tourney, Fall Fest, Bingo Night, and Run with the Wolves. Additionally, we need coordinators and committee members for various roles such as room/advisory parents, teacher appreciation, welcome committee, school store, and related arts.

Lastly, we’re looking for individuals to take on leadership roles within the PTCA Advisory Council (formerly known as the PTCA Executive Committee). Positions include co-presidents, treasurer, and two members-at-large, each representing a campus. The PTCA has undergone restructuring to ensure substantial support from the school, with several faculty/staff members joining the Advisory Council.

We encourage your involvement to help lay the groundwork for a fantastic 2024-25 school year! Sign up here!