Socioeconomic Diversity Goals Exceeded for New Students

Whenever the number of applications we receive exceeds the number of seats we have available, we are are required to hold a lottery to randomly determine which students are offered a space at our school. The lottery for next school year was held earlier this month, and the initial results have been published. 

Our recently renewed charter sets a goal for socioeconomic diversity that – when achieved – will mean that our student population more closely reflects the makeup of the neighborhoods we serve. We are pleased to announce that we have so far successfully recruited one of the most socioeconomically diverse class of new students that the school has seen in quite some time. Twenty-five percent of the new students we have admitted so far are from economically disadvantaged families. The goal in our charter is 23%. 

We are pleased to welcome rising kindergarteners from Martin Street Plaza and Trestletree Village – communities that have been underrepresented in our student body in the past. We know that all students perform better and develop more comprehensively in a diverse environment, and we look forward to serving a more inclusive community.