Summer Reading

We have a tradition at the Elementary Campus to assign a summer reading book to each grade level and set the expectation that students will have read that book by the beginning of the next school year. We are departing slightly from that tradition this year. Instead of assigning just one book, we are challenging students to read as many books as they can over the summer. All students will receive an age-appropriate reading log to track their reading and have an opportunity to share that at the beginning of the 24-25 school year. Additionally, each grade level will provide a list of suggested books to families to help guide choices. Read Lara’s Courier letter from last week for more details.

Middle Campus students have had some level of choice with their summer reading for the last several years and we are going to continue with that this summer. Summer reading at the MC traditionally involves high-interest reading, common themes amongst titles (sometimes IB Learner Profile Attributes or DEI), and a common experience for students and teachers to share in the fall, and this will continue. Our summer reading team is selecting 10-12 books that are available for students to review in the Media Center. This will be narrowed down to 5-6 titles that students will be able to choose from as their book for this summer. Read Mark’s Courier letter from last week for more details.