Weekly Surveillance Testing Communication Process

Surveillance testing takes place on Friday mornings – first at the middle campus and then at the elementary campus. Here’s how the communications process generally flows: 

  1. Positive employees: Any faculty/staff members that test positive are sent home, and contact tracing begins immediately. Their quarantine begins. 
  2. Positive students: Any students that test positive are moved to the Care Room, parents are notified, and contact tracing begins immediately. Their quarantine begins. 
  3. Close contacts: Faculty and staff and parents/caregivers of students deemed to be close contacts are notified, and parents/caregivers are asked to pick up their students. Their quarantine begins. 
  4. Additional notice: A broader set of parents/caregivers are informed of the positive faculty member or student even though their students are not close contacts and are not required to quarantine. The purpose is to provide information so that precautions can be taken as the impacted parents/caregivers see fit. 
  5. Schoolwide email: All parents/caregivers, faculty/staff and board members receive an email on Friday listing the number of positive cases by campus, and by category (student or employee).

The goal is to maximize in-person instruction as safely as we possibly can. 

Two important things to consider: 

  1. We have positive cases reported outside of our Friday surveillance testing – sometimes over the weekend. It is important to remember that we may contact you about a positive case on any day of the week, with schoolwide updates in the Courier.
  2. We are required to protect the privacy of our students and employees and will never share the names of those who tested positive or specific details when the actions of individual students are involved. We do realize that the information gaps that are created are a perfect environment for rumor and speculation. Please remember that when bits of information are shared, it is only one slice of the many variables that our credentialed health professionals are applying to these decisions. 

Please be reminded that the best way to get accurate information is through a school employee.