Welcome Back to School from the Nurses


Leigh Hicks
Elementary Campus Nurse


Leslye Ryan
Middle Campus Nurse


  • Please update or complete your child’s Health Profile in SchoolDoc by August 8th. By now you should have received an email from SchoolDoc.com with instructions on how to complete your student’s Health Profile. If your student was enrolled at ANCS during the 2022-2023 school year, your SchoolDoc login and password will remain the same for the upcoming school year. If you are new to ANCS this year you will receive an invitation email to set up your account and you will be able to complete the Health Profile for your student(s). If you do not see an email from SchoolDoc in your inbox, please check your spam folders. Your student’s Health Profile should be completed and submitted by August 8th.
  • If your student has a severe allergy (food, insect, etc) that requires the use of an emergency epinephrine injector, please notify Nurse Hicks (EC) or Nurse Leslye (MC) and please send that rescue medication in with your student. All emergency medications are kept in the classroom for quick access and travel with the student throughout the building, as necessary. All ANCS staff have been trained on how to use an Epipen and how to recognize the signs/symptoms of anaphylaxis.
  • If your student has Asthma and carries an emergency rescue inhaler, please notify Nurse Hicks (EC) or Nurse Leslye (MC) and please send the rescue inhaler to school with your student. 
  • Please email Nurse Hicks (lhicks@atlncs.org) at the EC or Nurse Leslye (lryan@atlncs.org) at the MC if your child is diagnosed with Strep Pharyngitis (strep throat), Influenza, Chicken Pox or COVID-19. We have students at ANCS who are immunocompromised and it is critical that we are notified of any infectious illnesses in the classroom as soon as possible.

Updated COVID-19 protocols 

Masks will remain optional, with the exception of recently positive students/staff (must wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days after testing positive). We can provide surgical grade masks to any student who would like to wear one.

In accordance with updated guidance from both the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and in accordance with Atlanta Public Schools (APS), we will no longer be conducting weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing. We will continue to provide, if needed, at-home antigen testing kits to those that may have been exposed at school or show signs/symptoms of COVID-19.

We will continue to have (2) medical-grade Hepa Filtration air purifiers and clorox disinfecting wipes in every classroom.

We will continue to follow DPH/CDC isolation protocols (return to school after testing positive or after a known exposure to a positive case).The most up to date guidelines are linked below.




We look forward to the start of another wonderful school year! 

Leigh & Leslye