Since the summer of 2014, ANCS has been involved with the facilitation of opportunities for collaborative learning about practices grounded in the common principles for the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Through the Center for Collaborative Learning, ANCS aims to bring together individuals, schools, and organizations to build capacity for creating student-centered learning environments in the following ways:
  • Administering the CREATE Teacher Residency Program in collaboration with Georgia State University. This program includes 3 years of innovative supports provided to new teachers, and the teachers who mentor them. New teacher residents are placed within the context of CREATE-consortium schools within the Maynard Jackson High School cluster, all of which are actively collaborating to increase teacher retention, satisfaction and effectiveness. 
  • Facilitating school improvement initiatives regionally
  • Hosting visitors to ANCS to observe teaching and learning
  • Hosting workshops for educators, organizations, and others to deepen knowledge of ANCS practices for possible use in their own contexts
  • Institutes and lectures by outside experts on teaching and learning topics
  • Growing partnerships to establish longer-term formal relationships between ANCS and other schools

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The Center for Collaborative Learning @ ANCS has recently hosted institutes and learning workshops about “Critical Friendship”, “Universal Design for Learning”, Conscious Discipline, and paths to teacher certification.  

For more details about the Center for Collaborative Learning @ ANCS, please contact Elizabeth Hearn.