Celebrating Black and African American Families

Thanks to the families that have already submitted photos. We want to provide a bit more background about this activity, which is one of several things we will be doing to honor Black History Month.

Celebrating families is an important part of our school culture. One longtime practice has been the creation of Friends and Family boards in classrooms, which aims to link the home family with the School Family and build community and connection. Celebrating and honoring each others’ identities throughout the year is another important part of ANCS culture as is honoring the different monthly celebrations that lift up and amplify the identities within our School Family.

We have a Celebration Crew made up of diverse teachers and staff members, across roles and responsibilities, who coordinate the activities of different celebratory months. Black History Month is a yearly tradition that the Celebration Crew collaborates on with the purpose of honoring Black people from all periods of history including today. This year’s activities include Black History Trivia, Living Wax Museum, Poem/Oratorical Showcase, an amazing Dance Routine, two different assemblies – one an author visit by Ada Ari and the other a Double Dutch performance, and a digital collage of ANCS Black and African American student and staff families.

The intention behind highlighting families is to celebrate the strength and unity of Black and African American families which historically have been separated from the continent and each other, systemically through history. We want our students to see images of this positive strength and unity and feel proud of this beautiful heritage.

At ANCS, fostering opportunities for learning and growth is central to our mission. We recognize that requesting photos of our Black and African American families during Black History Month may have caused discomfort for some individuals. We welcome feedback and collaboration to continuously reassess our practices and traditions, striving for improvement each year. Our commitment is to listen attentively, maintain transparency in our efforts, and ensure confidence in the authenticity of our school’s endeavors.

If you have any questions or would like to sit down to speak to us, please feel free to reach out with a time that works for you. Additionally, Humaira Afzal and Cassie Leymarie will host office hours at Grant Park Coffee House on Wednesday, February 7th from 10am-12pm so please drop if you would like to talk!

Black History Month EC Celebrations Crew

Adrian Douglas
Antonia Morales
Brianna Holmes
Camron Johnson
Casey Morris
Cassie Leymarie
Dana Copeland
Humaira Afzal
Leslie Jo Tottenham
Lindy Settevendemie
Jessica Shelley
Mahogany Williams
Nicole King
Shamier Gant
Shari Lobban