Research Study for Children and Teens

The Marcus Autism Center and Emory University is recruiting children and teens without developmental conditions for a brain imaging study to help us learn more about how the brain functions, especially when processing social information. The study will take place over 2-3 study visits, each lasting between 1-2 hours, at the Marcus Autism Center and our imaging center, which is located on the Emory Campus.

What participant looks like:

  • Mock MRI training (Duration: one hour)
  • MRI scan while watching movie clips (Duration: 45 mins to one hour)
  • Clinical assessment visit (Duration: 1.5 hours)

Participants would receive:

  • $50 for MRI scan visit
  • $15 for mock MRI training
  • $50 for clinical assessment visit
  • A souvenir picture of their brain
  • A copy of summary score report (optional)

The information we learn from individuals without developmental conditions will help us to understand the characteristics associated with 3q29 syndromes, which are rare genetic disorders that are associated with increased risk for developmental disabilities including, autism, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.

To be considered for the study, the participant would need to be demographically matched (in age, gender, race, and ethnicity) to earlier participants in the study. Below are some of the demographics our study team is recruiting for:

  • 4-6-year-old males, White, Not Hispanic or Latino
  • 7-year-old, males, any race, Not Hispanic or Latino
  • 10-year-old, females, more than one race (Asian), Not Hispanic or Latino
  • 14-16-year-old, males, White, Not Hispanic or Latino

For more information, and to check eligibility, please contact our study team at or 404-785-3932.