We prepare the meals we serve to our school from scratch whenever possible, and we source many of our ingredients from local sources. We seek to provide eclectic menus with some familiar favorites and others inspired by the season or other cultures and cuisines.

Nutrition Quick Links

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Pricing, Details, and Ordering

Meal Pricing, Free and Reduced Applications, and Payments

  • Per federal guidelines, we are accepting applications for free or reduced price meals throughout the school year.  The quickest and easiest method to apply for these benefits is via the Atlanta Public Schools online free and reduced meal application for 2023-2024. You will select Atlanta Public Schools as the district, and then the appropriate school for each student later on in the process. A paper application is also available if you prefer this option. Please reach out to our nutrition director, David Bradley, and we will provide one for you. All free and reduced application information is completely confidential per federal guidelines.
  • We are required to obtain a new application for free or reduced meals each school year, and benefits begin when we receive a completed, eligible application. If your family qualified for free or reduced price meals for the 2022-2023 school year, these benefits will apply for the first 30 days of school or until a new application is received.
  • Additional questions about free and reduced meal policies may be addressed in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.
  • The cost for meals at ANCS for this year are as follows:
    • Breakfast: $2.50
    • Lunch: $3.75
  • In addition, cartons of milk are available for purchase à la carte to supplement a lunch brought from home. We also offer lactose-free milk and chocolate soymilk, subject to availability, for students who may have difficulty drinking regular cow’s milk. These three à la carte items are not subject to free and reduced pricing. Each is an 8 oz (1 cup) carton. The cost is as follows:
    • Milk: $0.50
    • Lactose-Free Milk: $1.25
    • Soymilk: $1.25
  • Breakfast and Lunch come with a milk if the student desires one. We do not charge a supplement for lactose-free milk or soymilk if the full meal is taken. We do ask that a parent or guardian submit a written request via this form for these items.
  • We ask that students not bring cash with them through the lunch line each day. Instead, you may deposit funds on your student’s meal account, and the cost of their meals each day will be deducted from this balance. You may add funds to your child’s account in one of three ways:
    • Online payment – Please visit LINQ Connect (formerly called TITAN). Here you may add funds to your student’s meal account by credit or debit card, move funds between siblings, see their transaction history, set up low balance reminders, and create auto drafts from your bank account. If you haven’t before visited this site, here’s their FAQ on how to set it all up. If you set up a TITAN account for your family last year, this is still active and you do not need to do anything else to be set up for this school year.
    • Check – You may make checks payable to Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School and be sure to indicate in the memo line BOTH your student’s name and that the funds are for meals. These can be left at the front desk at either campus or sent in with your child.
    • Cash – We will accept cash. Please enclose the funds in an envelope and clearly indicate BOTH your student’s name and that the funds are for their meal account.


Menus, Meal Times, and Pre-Ordering for your Student

  • The lunch menu is posted monthly on the ANCS Nutrition website. All meals are compliant with the guidelines established by the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).
  • All lunches are served with fresh fruit and milk, though this may not be listed on each day’s menu.
  • Vegetarian lunch menus are offered every school day. If meat is served, it will be part of the Omnivore menu. If no Omnivore menu is listed, the Vegetarian meal is the only one we will be offering that day.
  • Breakfast is served in the cafeteria before school starts at each campus. This is from 7:30 to 7:50 AM at the Elementary Campus (EC) and from 8:00 to 8:20 AM at the Middle Campus (MC). Students should come straight to the cafeteria after they have checked in with their classroom at the EC or at their grade level’s designated entrance at the MC.  A limited “grab and go” breakfast is available to students arriving to the cafeteria later than these times who need breakfast.
  • Breakfast menu:
    • Students must take at least 3 items, one of which must be fruit or juice.
      • Fruits & vegetables: Fresh fruit, apple juice, roasted potatoes*
      • Grains: Cereal (Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, ANCS Granola), Nutrigrain Bars (assorted flavors), oatmeal*
      • Meat/Meat Alternatives: Yogurt (4 oz serving; assorted flavors), hard-boiled eggs, string cheese
      • Milk: Cow’s milk (1%, unflavored or lactose-free skim), soymilk
    • There may be additional limits on how many of any one item that a student may take at the discretion of nutrition staff.
    • * Item may not be on offer every day at the discretion of nutrition staff
  • We also offer lactose-free milk and chocolate soymilk, subject to availability, for students who may have difficulty drinking regular cow’s milk. Please indicate this on this form, and on the weekly pre-order, if you’d like one of these options for your student.
  • Our program uses no nuts or nut products in anything we prepare or serve. We make an effort to accommodate other dietary needs and restrictions that we are aware of. Please do include this information in your student’s meal pre-order.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact our nutrition director, David Bradley.
  • We ask that parents complete a pre-order form weekly for school lunch. The pre-order form will close on Friday at noon for the following week. If you miss the preorder, we will still feed your child.  Each day, their teachers will check with your students and add their name to our list if they need a meal.