There are several enrichment programs and student-led clubs open to all ANCS students in grades K-8.

Elementary Campus

Workshops & Enrichment Information

At the Elementary Campus, our AfterCare program provides a wide range of engaging workshops, included in the daily rate. From melty beads to coding club, students can choose from daily rotating activities including painting, crafts, sports like soccer and basketball, and cultural explorations such as Spanish and French culture. Additionally, we offer outside enrichments like Alliance Theater and Chess Club on Wednesdays, with students staying for these activities being signed in and charged for AfterCare if not picked up when the enrichment ends. Students in AfterCare, including enrichments, must be signed out by and adult and are not permitted to leave or walk home on their own. Separate from our AfterCare program, outside companies also offer activities such as gymnastics, Boys & Girls Club, tennis, and yoga, with schedules set by these organizations.

Middle Campus Clubs

Clubs Information

There are several student-led clubs and activities open to students free of charge as well as a regular after school study hall time. Please view this document for the most current information about these clubs and activities and the ANCS teacher or staff member who serves as an advisor to each club and activity.

Please note: students must either walk home immediately after the posted end time for the club/study hall/activity or be picked up within 10 minutes of that time. Any student not picked up within 10 minutes of the posted end time will be escorted to AfterCare and will need to be picked up there. The daily AfterCare fee will be charged.