About the ANCS PTCA

The function of the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School Parent Teacher Community Association (PTCA) is to coordinate and promote parent, teacher and community involvement and communication within the school. All parents/guardians, teachers, staff and community members are encouraged to join our organization, to get involved with its committees and activities, and to attend bi-monthly meetings each September, November, January, March, and May.

The PTCA sponsors a variety of education enrichment activities for students throughout the year and hosts various informative events, fundraisers, and social gatherings, and provides childcare for a number of ANCS meetings. PTCA meetings are an excellent opportunity to obtain information and engage in discussions about our school. Annual membership dues are $25 for a family and $15 for an individual.


PTCA Mini-Grants

PTCA Mini-grants provide funding to teachers, staff, parents, and the school community for projects that directly impact our curriculum and classrooms as well as our school environment. Your $25 PTCA membership ensures that we can provide this funding for three cycles annually. A few examples of previous’s mini-grants paid for continuing education for several teachers, ukuleles for the EC, soccer goals and gaga ball pit for the MC, and technology and equipment requested by teachers. MANY fantastic applications have to be turned away because we simply do not have enough PTCA funds. We hope to support many more applications this year, and your membership counts. APPLY HERE!