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We are a K-8 public charter school in the city of Atlanta. Our curriculum and teaching practices place students at the center of their learning in a hands-on way, actively engaged in exploring questions and coached by their teachers towards the demonstration of mastery of higher-order concepts and skills. Learn more about the wealth of support, mentoring, and peer connections you can expect at ANCS and why this makes our school such a unique place to work.


Wellness Reimbursement Program

The Wellness Program was formed to motivate and encourage staff members to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The goal is to help teachers and staff stay well and remain healthy. All staff members are eligible to receive a maximum of $300 in reimbursement for health and wellness related activities, programs, equipment, snd services.

Parental Leave Policy

Employees who have worked at least one semester at the school are eligible for parental leave:

  • Four weeks of paid leave at 100% of salary,
  • Eight weeks of paid leave at 50% of salary, or
  • Twelve weeks of paid leave at 33% of salary

Tenure Bonus Paid to All Employees

We believe that an experienced faculty/staff makes a difference in the lives of our students, and we want our employees to remain a part of our school family as long as it’s a good fit. That’s why we pay tenure bonuses to all full-time employees according to the following schedule:

  • 5 years: $2,500
  • 7 years: $3,500
  • 10 years: $5,000
  • 12 years: $6,000
  • 15 years: $7,500
  • 18 years: $9,000

Built-in Time for Collaboration and Planning

We have time for faculty/staff planning and collaboration built-in to our schedule. Instruction starts 90 minutes later than usual on Mondays, giving employees the time they need to meet, organize and prepare for the week’s work. Teachers also have allotted time for writing progress reports and student narratives.

Conferences, Workshops and Professional Development

Our faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in local and national learning
opportunities that allow them to grow professionally and personally.

Valuing Employee Feedback

Our entire faculty and staff are surveyed at least twice annually, and that feedback is used to drive decision-making and planning schoolwide.

Teaching Partnerships

Most classrooms have two teachers who work in partnership everyday. These partnerships are a constant source of support for our faculty and an important part of delivering differentiated instruction to our students.

Employment Opportunities

ANCS is seeking qualified candidates for the current job openings listed below.

Click on the job title for a description of the position, and, if qualified, interested candidates should click on the online application at the bottom of the position description and complete the entire application including uploading (1) a letter explaining your interest in ANCS and your qualifications for the position and (2) a current resume.

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