Drew Waddell

Drew Waddell

Board Member

In July of 2023, Drew Waddell became a member of the ANCS Governing Board. He is a devoted parent with three children attending ANCS: Margaret (7th grade), Genevieve (5th grade), and Josephine (1st grade).

Drew’s background lies in charter education finance, where he serves as a strategic advisor for charter schools nationwide, focusing on financial sustainability and growth plans. His expertise provides the ANCS board with valuable insights into managing charter school finances according to best practices.

Volunteering his time for the ANCS board holds special meaning for Drew, as it allows him to leverage his experience and skills to build upon the remarkable accomplishments achieved by ANCS over the past two decades. His goal is to contribute in ways that will make the next 20 years even more successful.

For Drew, what sets ANCS apart and captures his interest the most is its genuine community-oriented approach. ANCS is an integral part of the neighborhood, and he finds it heartwarming to witness families staying engaged with the school long after their children have graduated.

Beyond his dedication to ANCS, Drew is a passionate fan of Atlanta United, having been among the first to sign up for tickets back in 2017. He cherishes quality time spent cooking and baking with his daughters, and when not engaged in family activities, he enjoys hobbies such as hiking and kayaking.