Jason Rhodes

Jason Rhodes

Educational Excellence Chair

Jason Rhodes joined the ANCS governing board for the 2019-2020 school year. He has two children, Zoe, age 9, and 10-month old Kai, who is keeping his dad company at home.

As an educator, Jason brings a longstanding commitment to working with others to create inclusive learning environments, and to thinking critically about possible barriers to entry, or to success, impacting groups that have been historically marginalized in our school systems. ANCS’ commitment to fostering and maintaining an inclusive school community is one of the things that excited him about joining the board. He is enjoying working with stakeholders within ANCS and the broader community to continue to build an inclusive school community that reflects the diversity of the surrounding neighborhoods. ANCS is a community effort that we can all be proud of, and Jason feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to make a contribution.

Jason feels ANCS is unique because of its hands-on, student-centered approach to education that is truly rare to find in a public school. As such, it offers a demonstration of what truly excellent public education can be. And because of its history as a school started by neighborhood parents, it has left a legacy of high levels of parent and community involvement that has been critical to its success.

Jason and his wife, Aesook, live in Summerhill with their two children.  They enjoy the BeltLine, frisbees, stroller-friendly trails, and Korean food. Jason teaches a Geography of Clothing class at Kennesaw State University, which examines the human and environmental impact of the fashion industry, and explores sustainable alternatives.