Jason Zwang

Jason Zwang

Board Member

In July 2023, Jason Zwang joined the ANCS Governing Board, bringing a deep passion for personalized education and a proven track record in enhancing fundraising capabilities for new teams. His expertise also lies in effectively engaging with philanthropic families and programs aimed at creating lasting, meaningful impacts. Jason is eager to contribute to the ongoing growth of ANCS, an institution that has consistently delivered educational value and fostered individuality within the community for over two decades.

For Jason, the joy of volunteering is magnified when it’s in service of a significant cause. However, what sets ANCS apart is the recognition that his efforts are an extension of the collective endeavors driven by parents who share his love for children and the community.

Jason notes that ANCS creates a nurturing and individualized environment, something he personally values. The care and focus on individual needs are evident in the school’s hallways, interactions with teachers, and during morning meetings. Reflecting on his own elementary and middle school experience, he sees the importance of coordination with individual needs and parental involvement. He appreciates that ANCS takes this approach intentionally.

Outside of his commitment to ANCS, Jason’s family enjoys traveling across the country and internationally. They also share their lives with a dog named Cassie and twin girls, Sarah and Samantha. He and his wife, Liz, met in a young professionals group in Hartford, CT, and they moved to Atlanta in 2014, settling in this neighborhood in 2016.