Oriol Mirosa

Oriol Mirosa


In July of 2022, Oriol Mirosa became a valuable member of the ANCS Governing Board. With a background as a former academic researcher and current data professional, he aims to leverage his analytical mindset and expertise in problem-solving through data to assist the ANCS Board in fulfilling its mission.

Although Oriol has resided in Atlanta for just a few years, his history of volunteering and community engagement is extensive. He eagerly anticipates collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a passion for education and making a positive impact in his new home.

One of the most captivating aspects that sets ANCS apart, according to Oriol, is the harmonious blend of values and principles that underpin its mission, along with innovative pedagogic approaches that set it apart from conventional education systems.

Originally hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Oriol has called the United States his home for close to 20 years. His journey began with a PhD in Sociology, leading to several years as a professor of sociology and global studies at the University of Wisconsin. A few years back, he embraced a new career path as a data scientist, which eventually led him to Atlanta. He now resides in Ormewood Park with his wife and two daughters. During his leisure time, Oriol finds solace in reading, embarking on long walks with his daughters, and engaging in coding endeavors.