Brooke McGhee

Brooke McGhee

K-1st EIP

Brooke McGhee began her career as an educator at ANCS in 2004. Before working here, she was a Head Start social worker where she helped families get connected with systems that would help them in meeting their basic needs. She was also an alcoholism counselor.

For Ms. McGhee, ANCS is a great place to teach because it is a community filled with dedicated, fun-loving, and interesting parents, teachers, and students. She says, “It is a wonderful group of people to spend my days with.”

Ms. McGhee received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 1983, her teaching certificate in Elementary Education in 1996, and her M.Ed. in Elementary Education in 2006. She also has Reading Recovery training.

This year, Ms. McGhee will mentor one of the new teachers at ANCS. This means she will provide support in areas where the new teacher would like help. Ms. McGhee feels that new teachers are often not given the support they need and she is excited to be involved and a part of addressing this issue.