Chrissy Erickson

Chrissy Erickson

Adjunct Faculty Member

Christina Erickson is an enthusiastic and creative educator, serving as an Adjunct Faculty Member. Her educational background includes a BA from Agnes Scott College, where she studied Visual Art and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, with a minor in Religious Studies.

This marks Christina’s first year teaching and working in a school setting, bringing fresh perspectives and a passion for education to ANCS. Prior to joining the faculty, she spent eight years working with children in various roles, including coaching, tutoring, daycare, and nannying. Her love for working with kids stems from the joy of witnessing their growth, and she cherishes the valuable lessons they teach her in return.

Originally from Chicago, Christina made the decision to remain in Atlanta after college due to her newfound love for the city’s sunshine, natural beauty, and vibrant energy. As an abstract artist, she finds deep inspiration in nature, and her passion for art seamlessly blends into her teaching style.

You’ll often spot Christina with a cup of coffee in hand or nearby, reflecting her love for this energizing beverage. With her warm and creative personality, she brings a sense of excitement to the classroom, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment for her students.