Heidi Goodwin

Heidi Goodwin

7th/8th Grade Language & Literature Teacher

Heidi Goodwin has taught at the ANCS middle campus since 2012.  Ms. Goodwin has a Master’s Degree in English/Critical Theory, as well as more than 30 additional hours in Education. She taught one year on Austria as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant at two middle/secondary schools there. Her B.A. is in both English and German.

Before coming to ANCS, Ms. Goodwin was a professor of English at Georgia Perimeter College, and an Adjunct Professor before that. She has also taught at Grady High School, where she worked in 9th and 10th grade English studies, in addition to her years teaching overseas. Her areas of expertise include English studies, literature and the teaching of any kind of writing.

The best part of working at ANCS for Ms. Goodwin is the community – at every level. Ms. Goodwin says, “The professional team is cooperative and respectful and enormously helpful and positive. The students are engaged, curious, and willing. Our leadership is inspired and seemingly tireless. And our parents and caretakers are supportive. The contributions of all working together make ANCS the success it is, and it makes me excited to become a larger part of all it will continue to become.”

Ms. Goodwin loves being outside and enjoys everything from biking to backyard chicken farming. She loves to read and does it as much as she can. Ms. Goodwin’s children Graham and Quinn attended/attend ANCS.