Michael Boardman

Michael Boardman

K-8 Technology Specialist

Michael Boardman has been at ANCS since 2010. Previously, he was an advanced math teacher at Inman Middle School who used technology in his classroom. He also provided tech support at the school including training. As systems administrator and digital learning specialist, Mr. Boardman developed best practices for teachers to most effectively use technology to enrich their curriculum.



Since joining the ANCS community, Mr. Boardman has updated the school-wide technology resources of dedicated lab, library and classroom computers and maintains the ANCS fleet of mobile student computer resources.

Mr. Boardman loves the ANCS community and its focus on the entire development of children, not only as students but as growing members of the community.

Mr. Boardman has a lifelong love of technology and high commitment to public service and education. He lives in Candler Park with his family. When not supporting ANCS technology, he enjoys renovating his house (circa 1920), carpentry, ultimate Frisbee, and creating traditional and digital artwork.

Mr. Boardman has a B.S. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also has an M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from Georgia State University.