EC Principal Letter

Dear ANCS elementary families,

We are all super excited about our Winter Wonderland that is happening this evening. The gate will open at 6:00PM and the show will begin at 6:30. Everyone will enter through the back gate to the lower field that is on Oakland Ave. Students will sit with their class to start and then after they sing they will join you, so please make sure they know where you are sitting. Please bring a chair to sit in. The field will be wet, but there is no rain in the forecast and it is supposed to be pretty warm, so no need to move to next week. 

There will be popcorn and hot chocolate served between 6:00 and 6:30, free of charge. We want everyone to watch each grade level, so we will not have popcorn and hot chocolate being served during the show. Please also note that the playground and the farm are closed during the Winter Wonderland event. Students will be either with their teachers before they sing or with their family after they sing. No running around the field, as it will be crowded and we want to be respectful to each grade level singing. Thank you for helping us with these boundaries. 

We are also in the middle of Inclusive Schools Week. Please make sure to read Rhiannen Laurnent’s courier letter. Students are enjoying getting stamps on their class passport for completing tasks, decorating our front hallway tree with packages explaining what gifts we each bring to our school family and finding the golden gifts around the school that have short biographies of well-known individuals who were all neurodiverse. It’s been an exciting week so far.  

A student suggested that we have an all-school pajama day before the winter break begins. After some discussion, Ms. King, the student and I decided that we would suggest next Friday, December 16th as the pajama day. We brought it to the school during Tuesday’s morning meeting and the rest of the students agreed that it was a stellar idea. So, we will have an all-school PJ (or comfy clothes) day on December 16th.  

As I mentioned in my last week’s letter, we will have an early dismissal on December 16th. Students will be dismissed at 11:30 and there will be no after school. Please make plans to have your child picked up from school next Friday at 11:30. 

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a wonderful remainder of your week. 


Wishing you well,