MAP Testing for K-8 Students

Dear ANCS families,

We will be administering the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessment over the next two weeks for all students. MAP takes place over two testing sessions, one for English/Language Arts and one for math. We have been using MAP for the last 6 years as a standardized measure of academic growth. It is one of many data points teachers and administrators use to develop personalized learning strategies for students. MAP is a computer-adaptive assessment that is given 3 times a year. If a student answers a series of questions correctly, the questions become increasingly challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next series is easier. This type of assessment challenges all test-takers without overwhelming students whose skills may be still developing. It also measures growth over time, allowing us to monitor your child’s progress throughout the school year and across multiple years. ANCS uses the school-wide data from MAP to analyze how we are performing overall as well. This is not a test that your child can pass or fail, but please encourage them to try their best!

Rhiannen Laurent
Dean of Academic Growth