One of the initiatives the ANCS PTCA is proudest of is our Grant Program. Thanks to financial support from our members and event sponsors, PTCA is able to fund programs, activities, and materials that enhance students’ experiences at the school and help supplement teacher and classroom resources. We encourage all members of the community to apply for grants.

Past Grants for Reference

2019-2020 Grant Application Schedule

  • 8/30 – Fall Grant Applications Live
  • 9/13 – Fall Grant Applications Due
  • 1/3 – Winter Grant Applications Live
  • 1/17 – Winter Grant Applications Due

Grant Application Requirements

  • Please note that all applicants must belong to the PTCA. Preference is given to those members that have supported the PTCA via volunteer opportunities and event attendance.
  • The maximum approved amount for any grant awarded by the PTCA is $1000.
  • All money awarded must be spent or allocated within 30 days.

Grant Application Guidelines

The following guidelines were developed to ensure consistency and effectiveness of the Grant program. Following these guidelines will increase the likelihood that your Grant Application will be approved. 

Classroom improvements – Grants submitted by a parent, student, or community member requesting classroom improvements, materials or equipment must be first approved by the teacher of classroom receiving the improvement. Teachers: please address the need for additional funding above your classroom/subject area budget.

Continuing education/Professional development – In general, the PTCA does not fund continuing education or professional development as these can be funded by ANCS directly.   In the event that ANCS is unable to fund continuing education or professional development, a grant application may be submitted to the PTCA.  The application must first be approved by the administration and include a note from the Executive Director as to why ANCS is unable to fund the request.

Curriculum enhancements* – Any grants requesting materials or equipment to enhance curriculum must have approval of the campus principal prior to submitting to the PTCA.

Field trips – Applications for classroom or subject area field trips will not be considered because the PTCA gives a one-time annual contribution to each campus to be disbursed as administration sees fit.  Some exceptions may be allowed for clubs applying in the 2nd round of grant applications.

Impact follow-up – If you do receive a grant, remember to please be sure to follow-up with the PTCA Executive Committee to share how the grant is impacting the students or student reactions. Photos, videos or just a quick update can go a long way in helping future grants get funded.

Ownership – Any item purchased with grant money is property of ANCS and must stay at school in the event that the teacher or staff member leaves the school.

Presentations/trunk shows* – Must have campus principal approval for date and material to be presented.  Priority will be given to shows and presentations that will impact the most students.

Technology* – To help ensure technology is compatible with the school systems and to best determine if ongoing support is viable, all technology requests need to first be reviewed and approved by a member of the technology department (EC: Makisha Rogers and MC: Michael Boardman).

Timeliness – Please ensure your grant application is submitted before the deadline. No late applications will be considered.

*The PTCA President must receive application approvals in writing (email) before the application deadline (ie; email of approval from Executive Director, campus principal or technology department).

Tips for Getting Your Grant Funded

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting your grant request funded:

Diversity & Inclusion. Our school has been increasingly focused on issues of diversity and equity and therefore, preference will be given to any grant requests that help foster and  honor diversity and deliberately and explicitly challenge all forms of inequity.

Guidance. If you need guidance or have questions about submitting, reach out to your campus PTCA liaison: Kelly Dennis (Elementary Campus) or Maria McFeeley (Middle Campus).

Impact. Where possible, include information or studies about expected impact of the requested materials or experience for the student. Note that preference will be given to those grants that have the ability to impact the most students.

Research. Please take the time to research the potential impact of the funds and include this in your application. Show visual examples where possible and discuss expected impact.