Executive Director Search Task Force

As Rhonda Collins mentioned in last week’s Courier, tomorrow the ANCS Governing Board will vote to establish an Executive Director Search Task Force. Composed of members of the board, leadership team and faculty representatives, parents and community leaders, the task force will work to represent the mission and vision of ANCS to the public and potential candidates.

As of this week the opportunity is posted in outlets with local, regional and national reach. We anticipate a strong response thanks to the well-earned reputation of ANCS as a leader among charter schools. We also recognize that our school family is a talented and connected community, so we encourage you to share the opportunity within your networks. You can find a link to the posting HERE.

One of the first orders of business for the task force will be to review input from the school family. We greatly appreciate your input regarding what qualifications you believe are most important for the Executive Director position. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey to help frame the Task Force’s process as we engage with potential candidates.

As the search process moves forward we are committed to communicating with the school family and we look forward to the work ahead.

Thank you,
Ben Sutton
ANCS Governing Board Vice Chair