Alexa Can Tell You What’s For Lunch

Wondering what’s on the menu at ANCS? You can check on the school’s website, app, or, if you have an Amazon Alexa enabled device, you can ask Alexa! This feature comes courtesy of the work of former ANCS parent Brian Fletcher. Brian, who works in software development, had the idea of creating an Alexa skill for ANCS a few years ago. He contacted ANCS chef and nutrition director David Bradley to devise a way to publish the ANCS meal menu so that information could be pulled from it to Alexa. After several rounds of testing and approval from Amazon, the skill became live! If you have an Amazon Alexa enabled device (such as Echo or Dot) you can search for this new skill and install it. Then, you simply say “Alexa, ask ANCS what’s for lunch today” and it will let you know.

Here is the skill on the Amazon web site.

Thank you to Brian for taking the time to develop this cool feature and to Chef Bradley for being willing to work with him. If you use Alexa for this function and have feedback on how it is working, please feel free to share your thoughts via email at