Recap of Ramadan Iftar on the Farm

Wednesday evening was mild, breezy, and beautiful, and provided a lovely backdrop for our celebration of Ramadan on the school farm. Nearly 100 members of our extended school family across both campuses gathered together to learn more about and celebrate the heritage of our Muslim neighbors and build connections across religious and social borders. We heard from 4th grader Ayla Helal, 7th grader Noor Afzal, and 8th grader Hyaa Helal, as well as parent Carey Helal, who shared what Ramadan means to them and to their families.

We also had the opportunity to to hear from local chef and community health educator Asata Reid, who shared with us the science-backed impacts of communal eating on children and families, particularly as it relates to building connections, maintaining close relationships, and increasing resilience in our kids. If you’d like to hear more from her, check out her cookbook or listen to her new podcast, Savory Stories, on WABE.

As the sun set, we broke fast with dates and water, and then enjoyed an Iftar meal from our friends at Aleppo Kitchen, a local family owned catering business. The traditional Syrian dishes included falafel, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, hummus, dolmas, rice, and pita. If you’d like to taste their delicious offerings, consider visiting them at one of several local farmers markets–EAV on Thursday evenings, the Oakhurst on Saturdays, or Grant Park every other Sunday. 

We’re so grateful to all the families and friends who joined us, and a special shout-out to the ANCS teachers and staff that volunteered their time to make the event a joyous evening for all. If you couldn’t make it this time–school soccer championships are also so important!–please plan to join us for the next one.